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Beautiful Strangers – A Fashionable Short Film
Beautiful Strangers
A Fashionable Short Film


Director / Cinematographer / Writer
Reno Mezger

Story / Production / Art Direction
Uta von Fintel & Reno Mezger

Claire Thorsen c/o Le Management
Jai O'Donoghue-Stevens c/o Modelwerk
Kevin Pabel c/o Kult Model Agency

Score & Sound Design
John Alexander Ericson
Published by Misty Music AB
Courtesy of Misty Music AB and SMV Schacht Musikverlage GmbH & Co. KG

Larissa Kapp

Uta von Fintel

Hair & Make-up
Caroline Torbahn c/o Nina Klein

Editing & Camera Assistance
Sebastian Knippenberg

Production Sound & Foley
Tjark Nieber

Production Assistance
Michelle Wolf
Michael Hofsäss

A warm and special 'Thank you!' to:

Sarah & David, Phillip, Tony, Ritchie, Ricky, Marius, Bertil, Howie, Damian, Sarah, Chris, Stephan, Michael, Oli, Jutta

Beautiful Strangers
a Reno Mezger Film / a Rawblack Production

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